Norway religions: Jehova’s Witnesses

Watchtower Branch Office, Ytre Enebakk Photo: Niels Peter/Wikimedia Commons

Watchtower Branch Office, Ytre Enebakk
Photo: Niels Peter/Wikimedia Commons

Norway religions: Jehova’s Witnesses

Predecessor of Jehova’s Witnesses the International Bible Students Association established a temporary office in Kristiania (Oslo) in 1904.

By 1916, there was a permanent office in the city, subordinate to the Scandinavian Branch Office in Sweden. This had been set up at the behest of Charles Taze Russel, the founder of Jehova’s Witnesses.

Thereafter, the Association in Norway bought a three-storey office building at Inkognitogaten 28B in downtown Oslo in 1925. It served as the Association’s headquarters until 1983 after the Association had been renamed Jehova’s Witnesses in 1931.

The headquarters relocated to a building complex at Ytre Enebakk in 1983, a small rural community 15 km east of the town of Ski, south of Oslo. The administrations of activities in Scandinavia and Iceland merged at a facility in Holbæk, Denmark in 2012.

Jehova’s Witness congregations exist across Norway today, with the greatest concentrations of them being in Telemark, Vestfold and Østfold Counties, slightly fewer in Møre and Romsdal, Oppland and Sogn og Fjordane Counties.

There are Norwegian editions of the principal Jehovah’s Witnesses periodicals, the bimonthly Vakttårnet (Watch Tower) and the monthly Våkn opp! (Awake). As elsewhere, the Jehovah’Witnesses spread their beliefs by visiting people, house-to-house.


•Membership: about 15,000.
•164 congregations.
•100 Kingdom Halls, at locations listed on the website (below).
•Further information: Jehovas vitner i Norge, Scandinavian Branch Office, Stenhusvej 28, 4300 Holbæk, Denmark, Tel: +45 59456000.



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